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The winner of the cover stars naming competition was:

Neil Foster, Tideswell, Derbyshire

The biggest book of the decade!

Selected mini-biographies of nearly 700 British climbers – many are dead, some are still alive!
Who’s Who in British Climbing contains nearly 700 mini-biographies of climbers – the romantics, eccentrics and buffoons that have made British climbing what it is: dissolute and hungover most of the time, with the odd unexpected burst of brilliance.
They form a world-class cast of eccentrics ranging from the most virtuous to the most hedonistically barbarous characters one could ever hope to meet.
At one end of the moral spectrum we have Archdeacon Hudson Stuck solemnly tutoring his native charges on ecclesiastical history while making the first ascent of Denali. At the other there's Satan-loving Aleister Crowley pleasuring himself in his tent on Kangchenjunga while his helpless avalanched companions were crying for help a few yards away.
In between are the usual sprinkling of psychotic nut jobs, consummate show-offs and infuriatingly brilliant athletes. Indeed, an appropriate alternative title for this tome might be The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. But which are which?
Ah, now that would be telling. You, dear reader, must decide.
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